RadiumBlock is now officially on board as Polkadex's DevOps Infrastructure Partner!

RadiumBlock's Logging Practices

Given the evolving landscape of the blockchain infrastructure industry, transparency in our logging practices is crucial. Before delving into specifics, it’s important to understand the foundation of RadiumBlock’s services and infrastructure.

RadiumBlock operates as a subsidiary of RealWeb LLC, a company with a robust background in managing data centers and business infrastructure. Our team supports both billion-dollar corporations and startups with reliable web hosting services, establishing us as a trusted provider. Leveraging this expertise, we are now focused on developing dependable infrastructure services to drive the future of web3.

We are committed to delivering top-tier blockchain infrastructure services, including Node as a Service and RPC Endpoints, across more than 20 blockchain networks. This blog post outlines our logging practices associated with our API gateway, which connects to our decentralized network spread over 20 locations on 6 continents.

Our Logging Practices

Except for the data that is publicly accessible on the blockchain, RadiumBlock does not collect or keep any user information (like location, IP address, user agent etc.) transmitted via our RPC.

Information We Do Not Collect

  • User’s device or agent type
  • User’s IP address
  • User’s request origin
  • User’s request data

Information We Do Collect

To ensure the quality of service across our gateways and network, we collect specific data solely for internal use. This data helps us swiftly address issues with nodes, supported blockchains, or user methods within our network. We strictly do not sell this information to third parties.

Logging Details for All Endpoints (Public & Private)

For each relay request (e.g., API Request + Metadata), we collect:

  • GeoDNS region of the originating API Gateway
  • RadiumBlock blockchain application public key used for the relay
  • Node in the network that handled the relay
  • Blockchain to which the request was directed
  • HTTP response status code after request processing
  • Blockchain method invoked by the request

Additional Logging for Private Endpoints

For our private RPC endpoints, we employ identity and payment services to ensure secure and accurate usage metering. This allows us to link an endpoint to an app/account owner, monitor relay usage for their dApp(s), and bill them accordingly.

As always, the RadiumBlock team is available on our official support channels (email, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, Contact Form) should you have any further questions about our logging practices.