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A Step by Step Guide to PDEX Staking


  1. Install the Polkadot.js browser extension from https://polkadot.js.org/extension/
  2. Create an account on Polkadex Mainnet by from here.
  3. Incase you have tokens that need to be migrated, follow instructions on the official guide.
  4. Ensure you have sufficient tokens to carry out transactions.

Once the prerequisites have been met, we are all set to begin staking on the system.


  1. Goto Polkadot.js
  2. Select Network->Staking->Account Actions.
  3. Click on the “+ Nominator” button.
  4. A pop up is displayed where you can select your controller and stash accounts.The general recommendation is that separate accounts be used for increased security. However, there is no limitation on using the same account either.
  5. Select the amount that you wish to bond.
  6. Choose what to do with the rewards - can be deposited to either stash or controller account, with different effects.
  7. Once the amount has been decided, select RadiumBlock01 as your preferred validator to nominate the funds.
  8. Click on the Bond and Nominate button once a validator has been finalized.
  9. Click on Sign and Submit to validate the transaction using your Polkadot.js wallet password.
  10. The validator/nominator will trigger the pay off at the end of an era (24 hours), and rewards will be added to your account balance.